Lonely Hearts Club

ALL Branches and S/Os WELCOME!
This blog is for those of you going into a deployment/separation, going through one, or those who have experienced one due to the military. I hope this can be a haven for all our lonely hearts to draw inspiration, hope and companionship from.

Here's how it works: There will be something new to do/try/discuss EVERY day, with a repeating wkly theme:
MON-New Week, New Followers; New follower intros!
TUES-TMI Tuesday, Q Prompts as well as submitted Q's
WED- Hump Day, Homecoming Pics to help you through the week!
THURS-Wordsday! Quotes, stories, writings, poems! Say what you need to say!
FRI-Creativity! Care Package/Crafts/Mail Ideas!
SAT- Silly Saturday, comic relief!
SUN-Soundtrack Sunday!

Please use ASK for weekly theme submission!